For all ours RED amateurs !

January 07, 2014

Coding in Red raw files is a non- destructive operation , which allows to push the limits of your image while not compromising quality! To make this, Red released Red Cine- X Pro, a dedicated software format .R3D and provides a range of Important color tools , an integrated time-line and a range of Effects in a professional and flexible environment for processing of your 5K or 4K files.

This software also allows you to simply encode your finished files in Red format to view them with a redray on your TV, with Red Player on your computer or squarely on your camera! Red Cine -X Pro allows an easy connection between your camera, your computerand your redray keeping the same format while manipulating the metadata in order to create your own look!

Here are links to the latest version of Red Cine-X Pro, it includes many improvements as its compatibility with Adobe Lightroom 5, Photoshop CC, Premiere CC , the Red dragon, the rocket-X and full of Others ..

Red Ciné- X_Mac

Red Ciné- X_Windows

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