Some news about the Epic Mysterium X

January 23, 2014

The Red Epic is a digital camera offering high performance if you want to work on the digital image, the number of images per second, but also in the format that you can choose which included the Super 16mm , Super 35mm and 35mm .
Its sensor ( Mysterium X) was designed specifically for the Red Epic and offers a variable range of frames per second from 1 to 240 i/s 2K , 1-160 i/s 3k and 1 to 120 i/s a resolution of 4k or 5k . Native white balance of this sensor is 5000 Kelvin but there is the possibility to compensatewith the balance and go to 1700 Kelvin at 10000 Kelvin electronically .
As always, there are obviously presets to lock its white balance to daylight ( 5600K ) or Tungsten light ( 3200K ) . The Mysterium X sensor with an analog -to-digital conversion precision , offers with daylight, 13.5 stops in its dynamic range for sensitivity between ISO 320 and 800 . In addition, the HDRx mode allows to extend the dynamic range of the camera from 1 at 6 stops more.
For more information and details, you can view the Operation Guide through the following link :

Red Epic Operation Guide

(Source: Red Epic Operation Guide)

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