New Red Dragon firmware

October 15, 2014

Our Red cameras are now updated with the last firmware 5.2.29 !
Here is the list of improvements :

- Fix on-camera REDmote upgrade
- Fix HDRx in 6K HD at max frame rate
- Fix 512GB MINI-MAG reported as ?not a REDMAG?
- Fix loss of Nikon lens mount iris control
- Fix camera freeze with 4K Broadcast and +1 Adaptor
- Fix Dragon intermittent startup errors
- Fix invalid Dragon formats in spinner after loading custom Epic preset file
- Fix text in Media Info dialog
- Fix Anamorphic selection in Format dialog for Scarlet Dragon
- Fix OLPF description for Dragon Monochrome
- Fix UI when last user cal map is deleted
- Fix monitor initialization entering playback
- Fix ?N/A? in Power Out status dialog for +1 adaptor on startup
- Fix stale battery info when battery is switched on Quickplate module
- Fix reverse key action for AE: Increase/Decrease EV Offset
- Fix minimum f-stop with Sigma 18-35 for Canon
- Fix Adaptive Preview Quiet Record mode dialog in UI and RCP
- Fix intermittent detection of Switchblade on startup
- Fix Motion Mount ND setting not saved across camera power cycle
- Fix Side Handle indicating -1 % on startup
- Fix detection of Nikon Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8 lens
- Updated in-camera help files

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