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Complete services Pack Interview
1135€ /day

Rent Pack Interview in Paris

Full interview pack

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This pack was conceived for your simple interviews. Our technician moves to the location of the interview and takes care of the technical part of the interview. We send you a link to see the full interview. Then, we make the editing according to your instructions. 

Included in this pack :

1 shooting pack :

- 1 pack FS7 + tripod + 1 set of micro Sennheiser HF + 3 points lighting kit
- 1 technician
- Transport in Parisian Region 

 1 mounting package (30seconds to 5minutes) :

- interview + simple illustration
- simple titration
- 1 customer return included

Deliverable : HD (or 4K on demand) files to download on our web server (mov, avi or mp4)

Preparation of the interview is appoximately 1h30. The interview should last 3h maximum.