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Lights and energy Litepanels Gemini
115€ /day

Rent Litepanels Gemini in Paris

2x1 RGB LED panel

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€HT/day for a period of day(s)
totaling €HT (€TTC)

Color temperature from 2700°K to 6000°K in bicolor mode
Total control of hue and saturation in HSI mode
97/99 CRI

Effects : Paparazzi, police siren, fire …

Output almost equivalent to a Skypanel S60-C for a power consumption of 100W less (1079 lux at 9.8 ft versus 1233 for the Skypanel in daylight temperature)

Ballast integrated in the lamphead : 22.2 lbs in total (Skypanel S60-C : 35.9 lbs)


Accessories included :

- Softbox
- Barn doors
- Transport Case

Optional accessory : +20 €
- Gemini dual connexion kit