Some news on the Zeiss CP2 series

December 05, 2013

The Zeiss CP.2 have a diameter equal to the Zeiss Master Prime ( 114mm ) and as many brands mark. The 330° race is calibrated on the entire series. So that makes them very convenient lenses to point .

Rings point and diaphragm are all the same location on each optical series and have almost all the same size ( 80mm for the series except the 100 mm which is 132 mm and 15 mm measuring 86 mm ) which makes the focal length very rapid to change.
The fact that they are build with very modern materials brings some interessant quality like their extremely lightweight despite their large diameter and image circle which is twice the Super35 format. ( 950 to 1490g in PL mount )
The CP.2 lenses are ideal to work with a shoulder-pad, with an average weight of 1 kg for a range of 15 to 100 mm.

Unlike the film surface which is completely matte , the digital camera sensors acts as a mirror , the light returning within the optical rays , creating flare , ghost images above a diffusion but which degrades the image permanently .

that where we see the optical qualities of CP.2, an extremely modern coating combined to light traps authorized by the large diameter of the lense. A high homogeneity of definition over the entire field , the total absence of vignetting and distortion, thanks to 24X36 coverage, we almost have no flare .. That makes every one happy.

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