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February 02, 2014

It's done, RED has released its new "Dragon" sensor and offers several choices for owners of RED Epic . It is now possible to get a Red Epic Carbon dragon, or improve the Epic ( X or M) or the Scarlet with a Dragon sensor.

The new RED Epic Carbon Dragon is simply an Epic which has the outside made with Carbon fiber , the PL mount and the inside structure are made of magnesium alloy . This improvement results in a loss of 0.455 grams on the total weight of the camera body .
But lets go see the capabilities of this new Dragon sensor.
The maximum resolution is 6144x3160 and the sensor size 30.7x15,8 mm which gives a ratio of 1.94 to 1.
Regarding the fixed images, 6k provides a print resolution of 20,48x10,53 inches at 300 DPI or 19.4 megapixels .
When you look at the sensitivity of the sensor , an image 2000 iso with the Dragon sensor appears cleaner, with less noise than ISO 800 image sensor with the Mysterium X. So it was roughly two times less noise with the dragon with the Mysterium X sensor
The dynamic range is 18 stops for the dragon against 13.5 for the Mysterium .
The number of frames per second at full resolution ( 6k ) is 100fps for Epic Dragon, and 60 fps ( 5K ) for the Scarlet Dragon.
There is also a new IR OLPF is designed for Dragon , allowing better cut Infra- Red and High Spatial frequencies.
To finish royally, Dragon sensor consumes less battery power and generates less heat than the Epic Mysterium -X .


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